Feedback from the University of Oxford, Social Science Division

"The best training day I have participated in, by far. I took away a lot of practical insights, and got valuable insider perspectives from the two trainers who work so well together."

"Extremely interesting, engaging, and useful workshop. I am so glad that I was able to attend, and I will encourage others to do so whenever it is next offered."

"Most of all, it got me thinking about possible ways to maximise the impact of my research beyond academia and how to use social media to do that."

"I learned loads, and I took away many practical lessons that will definitely change how I present my work in the future. Much appreciated!"

"The presenters were excellent - engaging, knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging, inspirational etc - we could not have asked for more. I would strongly recommend the training session."

Research fellows at the International Institute for Strategic Studies


"Both trainers showed great passion and possessed extensive expertise. I hope they will be contracted again in the future."

"Practical experience like this is uniquely valuable. Caroline and Claire are excellent and to the point."

"I found it very useful to think about communication in such a structured way: what is the story, what are we adding to it, how can we communicate this quickly and clearly."

"They were very clear and engaging through the day-and-a-half and it was an enjoyable experience."

The University of Oxford, Humanities Division


"The interviewer had done her research and asked me several excellent questions. This made it quite different from say, practicing on camera with a friend."

"Just wanted to say how good the two people running the session were: really sharp, great at giving very tangible advice, and powerfully anti-bullshit."

"Great day with @ClaireBolderson & @CMFinns learning tricks of the media trade. Much respect for their journalistic talent  #inspiring"