The Art of the Interview

Participants learn how to make media interviews work for them. They are offered a range of techniques that help them to become self-assured in front of the camera or radio microphone before having a go themselves. The module is challenging but fun.

The session includes:

  • Techniques to perform with ease and confidence in interviews, including how to prepare, body language, and clothing
  • Oops! What can go wrong in an interview, and how to avoid it - or turn it to your advantage.
  • A brief discussion about the current media landscape and demand for expert interviewees
  • Analysis of basic formats, including discussions and panel debates, and how to avoid being 'set up' in a media-manufactured fight

Throughout, examples of good and poor practice are played and discussed.

Participants are then interviewed for TV or radio on their chosen subject. The interview is played back and critiqued. (Minimum half-day session)